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Dulces Anahuac (Tijuana, Mexico - July 2001)

Everyone remembers when Sir Walter Raleigh became this mixed-up robot who couldn't spell and tried to kill people, right? "I AM RALEY G, BEEP BOPE"? Well, this candy cigarette brand commemorates the history. Of that.

There actually are cigarettes sold in Mexico that look suspiciously like these called "Raleigh" or "Raleighs".

Oh good, the neighbor's home, still sans muffler. I'm giving his car another week, tops, considering the amount of tranmission fluid he's dumped on the ground. Any day now, really. I think a real man, like Sir Walter Raleigh, for example, would have kicked his ass already. But then, what gives with the flowery neckbrace, Walt? That's like reading Steinbeck's hearty Travels with Charley and cringing at the part when he takes Charley, the mangy poodle, to be groomed. Really, you're cringing throughout the book, because Charley is a poodle. That's not a dog you take on a cross-country road trip. It just doesn't fit, no matter how many different states of being he's able to communicate to you via his "Fft"ing.