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Dulces Anahuac (Tijuana, Mexico - July 2001)

This is where it gets weird. Yes, that's a derivative of Winston. Great, alert RJR, they'll express total surprise and then they'll exchange letters with Dulces Anahuac for ten years. Anyway, these next six packs of candy cigarettes were originally manufactured by Tarancon Y Cia, but then in July of 2001 I vaguely remember noticing that the manufacturer is now Dulces Anahuac. It's sort of strange - the Tarancon Y Cia and Dulces Anahuac boxes were exactly the same, looked like the same ink, the same general design sense, etc. At the time, the paper slip that was included with the Tarancon Y Cia knock-offs had bit with the address cut off, so I figured RJR had already shut 'em down and this was the last bit of stock. But it really turned out to be a merger/takeover. Or ... was it?

It's almost as if Tarancon Y Cia was some sort of dummy corporation. Print the knock-off brands under the dummy name to be on the safe side. I don't know why, if that's the case, they've decided to "merge" back together.