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La Cubana (Mexico - June 1999)

This pack was sent to me by intrepid reader Julie W (they were purchased in Oaxaca), who then promptly forgot she had sent them. When she got the package back in the mail around two months later, she thought it was a mailbomb. Explosivo!

La Cubana is the heaviest chocolate cigarette package that money can buy (around USD 1.45). They are also very chalky; if you strapped one of these babies to a paint shaker for awhile and then poured out the residue, it would have the same composition (and taste) as Hershey's Cocoa.

While I was in Tijuana (July 2001), I found six other La Cubana packages, but not this one. Perhaps the Marlboro people have cracked some heads. Probably not.

It took a month for the package to travel from NY to CA via USPS. "Service" is our last name.