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Buying Candy Cigarettes.

There are several options available to the smart consumer who would like to purchase candy cigarettes, either for consumption or collecting.


If you are interested in simply purchasing a pack of candy cigarettes, perhaps you could just walk down to your local convenience store and buy some. This is a good bet if you live in the Southwest United States, or podunk towns in Pennsylvania. It all depends on your local convenience store person. It's easier to find candy cigarettes in smaller shops than the large multi-national conglomerates hell-bent on selling you everything you need to live your funny little life. If you can't find any brands locally, you could call your out-of-state friends and have them sniff around.

Now, if you can't find anything locally, and your out-of-state friends are busy smoking the crack, then you're probably going to have to resort to the "world-wide web" to find what you are seeking. Here are some suggestions; I have not ordered from any of these "online" suppliers. If the list does not interest you, perhaps you could use a "search engine" to find suitable retailers.


I would highly recommend Ebay. The other auction websites typically have poor search engines and less than 10% of ebay's volume, as far as candy cigarettes are concerned. But beware! (BEWARE!) There are several individuals and companies who frequently and regularly place candy cigarette items up for auction that are readibly available elsewhere for one-tenth the cost. You will see some spurious phrases in these entries, like "rare" and "hard to find". Don't be a sucker, do your research beforehand. I am occasionally amused by an auction for a case of current candy cigarettes going for $20 when the retail price is $4.

It's like watching people bid on groceries. "Oh sure, I paid five bucks for that can of green beans, but I won the auction".

A final warning: sometimes people scan one type of candy cigarette product and then sell another type, believing that all types of candy cigarettes are the same. Make sure that the description and the photo match, and ask about any discrepancies.

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