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2023mixtape: Not only an orange.

(spotify playlist)

Banco De Gaia “Last Train to Lhasa -- Live at Glastonbury”

Tom Paxton “I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound”

Katy J Pearson “Willow’s Song”

Noisestorm “This Feeling”

Norma Tanega “You’re Dead”

The Spinners “Games People Play”

UNKLE/The Duke Spirit “Mayday”

Lali Puna/Trampauline “Machines Are Human”

The Jane Shermans “I Walk Alone”

Wet Leg “Wet Dream”

Beegie Adair/David Davidson “Fascination Waltz”

Yppah “Gumball Machine Weekend”

Jean Bach “Milbenkotmix”

Gerry Rafferty “Right Down the Line”

José González “Heartbeats”

Scythe “Weeping Blade”

Love and Rockets “Saudade”

Run D.M.C. “It’s Tricky”

Moondog “Bird’s Lament”

Documentary: The Viking of 6th Avenue. / Moon Dog's Corner.

Cults “Always Forever”

Bernard Herrmann “Overture (Main Title)” (North By Northwest Original Soundtrack).

Petri Alanko, Martti Suosalo “Sankarin Tango” (Control Original Soundtrack)

Dominatrix “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight”

Ultramarine “Geezer”

808 State “Pacific - 707”

Scott Walker “The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime)”

The Specials “Ghost Town”

Henry Mancini “The Pink Panther Theme”

The B52s “Song for a Future Generation”

Donovan “Mellow Yellow”

Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”

Boards of Canada “Chromakey Dreamcoat”

The Chats “Smoko”

Cosey Fanni Tutti “Tutti”

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark “Junk Culture”

Brian Hyland “Sealed with a Kiss”

They play this in Grossout #2 occasionally. I run to aisle 7 and dance with a giant frozen turkey. It is beautiful. Art.

Wild Flag “Black Tiles”

Big Audio Dynamite “The Bottom Line”

The B52s “Work That Skirt”

Sinéad O'Connor (RIP) “Just Call Me Joe”

The Psychedelic Furs “Pretty in Pink”

Cake Like “Fall Down”

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra “The Prisoner”

The Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar”

The National TV and Radio US Archives “The A Team”

Molly Lewis “Oceanic Feeling”

The Love Unlimited Orchestra “Love’s Theme”

I was sitting behind the skate park fence at Metro Beach in the late 70s watching the skaters skate and there was one guy -- muscular, tall, built -- who was dancing/skating in time to “Love’s Theme,” doing pirouttes, skating backward, curving slicing slaloming. I was about ten, just utterly entranced.

Technotronic / Felly “Pump Up The Jam”

Popof / Vitalic “Serenity”

The Ting Tings “That's Not My Name”

Big Mama Thorton “Hound Dog”

Portishead “Sour Times (Live)”

Björk “Bachelorette”

Yazoo “Nobody’s Diary”

Matt Bianco “Whose Side Are You On?”

Vicious Pink “Take Me Now”

Eurythmics “Savage”

Chuck Berry “Roll Over Beethoven”

Santo & Johnny “Sleep Walk”

Nico “These Days”

Nick Drake “One Of These Things First”

원장현 “대금산조 Ⅱ” (Won Jang-hyun “Daegeum Sanjo II”)

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet “5 American 6 Canadian”"

Nowadays it’s 5 American 6.7316871 Canadian

Do you see what I did there

Orchestra Baobab “Kelen ati leen”

Yumi Matsutoya “春よ、来い” (Haru Yo, Koi)

Frankie Smith “Double Dutch Bus”

Khruangbin “Maria También”

Dame Area “Centro di Gravitá”

Qoqeqa “Xi”

Courtney Barnett “Are You Looking After Yourself”

April March “La Chason De Prévert”

Fleetwood Mac “Over My Head” / RIP Christie McVie

Glen Campbell “Wichita Lineman”

Pixies “Gigantic”

Underworld “Dark & Long - Dark Train”

Dub Narcotic Sound System “Banana Meltdown”

Peppertones “Ready, Get Set, Go!”

Ram Jam “Black Betty”

Lead Belly “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”

Yoasobi “怪物”

This Mortal Coil “Fond Affections”

William Orbit “Water From A Vine Leaf”

The Human League “The Lebanon”

The Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu “It’s Grim Up North”

Cibo Matto “Birthday Cake”

Astrud Gilberto (RIP) / João Gilberto / Stan Getz “The Girl from Ipanema”

The Gap Band “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”

I went to all the dances in high school because my therapist at the time said they would help me “acquire illicit alcohol.” Every dance, always this song. Also Van Halen’s “Jump.”

Stereolab “French Disco [Early Version Mix]”

Running time is ANSI-certified 3:35 but it feels too short. [LQQKS] Huh, “Early Version Mix” is 4:30. [FX: swaps poisoned chalice with non-poisoned chalice, or does he (Y/y)?] Done. It’s dirtier. My gain is your gain.

Sami Kamara and his Black Diamonds “Objetebe”

Tamure Tahitien “Pae Pae”

Gave away 99% of my vinyl records; one stack to a good friend, another stack earmarked for, if they didn't have ’em. Still need to send that stack. Combining it with old K-Mart training tapes & etc. Just got tired of hauling them place to place to place, can use the room for other things. More junk.

Massive Attack / Sinéad O’Connor “A Prayer For England” (RIP Angelo Bruschini)

Françoise Hardy “Le temps de l’amour”

Dr. Calculus “Perfume From Spain”

Fiona Apple “The First Taste”

Linda Ronstadt “You’re No Good”

Old 97’s “Victoria”

The The “Sweet Bird of Truth”

Leonard Cohen “Suzanne”

Wiki: “Cohen said he benefited only from his own performances of ‘Suzanne,’ having signed away his rights to the song itself in a legal document deceptively presented to him which he did not read.”

That’s ... capitalism! [SFX: rim shot] It’s a contract, says right here the artist wanted to give away his song for free. Very common-sense desire, give the giant multi-national record conglomerate its fair due.

George Benson “Breezin’”

I can no longer listen to “Broadway,” in high school there was a drama production w/an associated dance that I had to be at for reasons I’ve forgotten, and they kept fucking up and restarting “Broadway.” This song, however, one of my high school friends used to play it every day when we were camping, after waking up. A good start to a day.

Sun Electric “R-Gent”

Bill Withers “Use Me”

“We now take you to ‘Use Me,’ already in progress.” You are giving up that slinky jam so quickly. Though, I suppose, just make it known square one what’s going on. This is going on.

Zombie Zombie “Livity”

The Chemical Brothers “Setting Sun”

Ladytron “Sugar”

Hot Chocolate “Every 1’s a Winner”

Sinéad O’Connor “Last Day of Our Acquaintance”

Kissing the Pink “Greenham”

Wiki: In December 1982, 30,000 women joined hands around [RAF Greenham Common military base] at the Embrace the Base event, in response to the third anniversary of NATO’s decision to house nuclear missiles on British soil.

Gas “Königsforst 3”

Stan Kenton “Tequila”

RIP Pee-Wee Herman.

Ennio Morricone “Once Upon a Time in the West - Main Theme”

Lush “Laura”

Toots & The Maytals “Pressure Drop (Ska Version)”

Fran Jeffries “Meglio Stasera”

Age of Chance “Kiss”

Rodriguez (RIP) “Sugar Man”

Liz Phair “Johnny Sunshine”

See also Exile in Guyville, a book about Exile in Guyville, the album.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five “White Lines”

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine “Shopper’s Paradise”

Capsule “Starry Sky”

Morcheeba “The Sea”

The sea. The foreboding, unfathomable sea. The sea. The sea. The. Sea.

Bobbie Gentry “Ode To Billie Joe”

Ginette Garcin “Cresoxipropanédiol en Capsule”

Often when things go wrong
When I’m in low spirits
When I feel my nerves crack
Or when I’m not feeling well
To get into the swing of things
I know a good way
In a glass of sugar water
To perk me up

Du trisilicate anhydrique de magnésium
Du quadrisulfogaiacolate de potassium
Du glycérohydrato monoamoniacal
Du bichlorhydrate milenicophysidal
De l’orthodioxybenzenotocophérol
Du cresoxipropanediol, en ampoule
De l’aminophénisulfonacophétamide
De l’hexachlorocyclohexanysculoside
De l’acitalmine isopropyl orbiturique
De l’etabenzyl amoniocodiphosphorique
De l’acetylameniphenylarcinazole
Du cresoxipropanediol, en capsule

(substituted w/Clementine on Spotify)

Eartha Kitt “C’est Si Bon”

Digital Poodle “Broadkast III”

On Spotify I’ve secretly replaced it with the actually-available, more mellow "Broadcast IV." Let’s see if anyone notices. As heard on Death of Vinyl compilation.

The Ray Macvay Sound “Kinda Kinky”

The Alan Parsons Project “Time”

Locust “Lust”

Sleeper “Shrink Wrapped”

Capsule “TICTAC”

Bow Wow Wow “Do You Wanna Hold Me?”

Calexico “Ballad of Cable Hogue”

Horsegirl “Beautiful Song”

Yello “The Rhythm Divine”

The Velvet Underground “After Hours”

In The Nursery “Duality”

LaBelle “Lady Marmalade”

Isaintjames “Yazzy”

Single Gun Theory “From A Million Miles”

Colourbox “Just Give ’em Whiskey”

For whatever reason I got obsessed with the clicky bit of “Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse / Shootout” (it happens at 4:59, definitely on the “Shootout” side). It lasts for about a second. Thought about it for two days while in isolation. I mean, double isolation -- first, I couldn’t remember the band, the song, anything. Just the clicking. Second, I was on my third bug out because Covid had come to the house so Let’s Live In Car Until Things Settle Down. I don’t know what it means, if anything, or my brain was just sort of latching on interesting little geegaws to pass the time away while dealing with car livin’. I couldn’t put the song on this compilation because I already put it on the 2022mixtape so you get “Just Give ”em Whiskey" instead.

Mental As Anything “Brain Brain”

Dub Specialist “Queen of the Dub”

Small Crush “Chicken Noodle”

Danielle Dax “Daisy”

Exploded View “Orlando”

Tackhead “What’s My Mission Now?”

The Postal Service “Natural Anthem”

I put this album on the figurative shelf for 18 years for reasons. Shouldn’t have waited that long. There, that’s my personal philosophy. “Shouldn’t have waited that long.” Also, good for my grave stone. Actually I was going to do research on that, if someone is collecting overly-wordy gravestone pix. Like 4pt type. “I got something to say!” [FX: searches] Hrm. Not coming up with good search terms. I’ll talk to my local gravestone engraver about pastabilities. [FX: grabs coffee, walks down street]

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