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(contact steve at his yahoo email address: stevestupor)
20pp; $2

Stupor features interviews with Detroit/Hamtramck barfolk and reader mail -- a different theme for each issue ("Employment", "Sick", "Trouble", "Accidents", "Neighbors"). Issues are published annually, which is how all zines should publish. It's also 5.5" x 17", which is scary.

"... I rolled over, wiped the crap from my face. I lay there, for a minute, looking up and not seeing a star in the sky, just a rancid skim coat of greasy clouds. My ribs hurt so I remembered, before I started, not to laugh. I climbed out of the ditch and got frisked. The son of a bitch patted us up and down, shined his flashlight in our eyes and told us we were in big fucking trouble, that we'd better tell him what drugs we were on. We're clean, man. Just going home for a Fourth of July party, I said. I don't remember when he loosened up. Somehow he realized that driving slow is not a breach of the law."