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The server software includes a 'referrer-log'. That means our server asks your browser the last page you visited before coming to cardhouse.
Relax, we don't really care where you've been.
So every day I get a list of 'previously-visited URLs'. Kinda neat. I'm not sure what actual purpose it would ever serve, though.
Turns out, some folks come visit right after a porn site. If that's you, thanks for the URLs. I'll also try to put out some towels.

Most entertaining, though, are the search-engine queries. Like any software, search engines can analyze & manipulate data, but they can't think. So you may get referred to a totally inappropriate URL, just because a couple words match. Unfortunately, since thinking is a dying art, this is all many people have.

For example...

Searching '' (or nearly any other engine) for 'monitor repair tips' will send you to the page where I destroy a monitor: Check the mailbag for folks who miss the joke and write in asking me how to fix their monitor.
Likewise with searching 'google' for 'cell phone repair' :
Here's an interesting one (sort of)- go to altavista and search for 'ravings flight vocal vagrant constituent'. You get me. Don't ask.

google-searching for a 'bra fitting site' will score you a link to my interview w/Dr. Ducky Doolittle. Why was someone searching for a bra fitting site? My intimate experience with perversity tells me they were looking for pics of someone else trying on a bra. I loved that Sears catalog when I was a kid.
Similarly almost-relevant, a dogpile search for 'tassel twirling' will send you to the Tura Satana interview-
we get a couple of these every day- folks looking for 'ham the astro chimp'. I had no idea what a cultural icon Ham was/is!
searching for a 'masturbation machine'? Somebody was, and google sent 'em to a '' page I posted & archived:
I like this one. Search w/alta vista for 'marilyn manson is an asshole', and you get my review of an MM concert!
Ironically, a 'secretary+spanked' search on the Italian 'Virgilio' engine points you to my critique of President Clinton- although he possibly has spanked his secretary, and the secretaries of other dignitaries, that's not what my essay was about! Totally out of context, yet eerily close to the mark...
More to come as I get the occasional howler.

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