Off to the French Quarter! First stop was a pub where where hooked up with some NOLA Hashers. No pics available as all hands were full of beer cups.

Next up was Johnny White's Bar on St. Peter St. Let it be said that Johnny White's is a Santa-friendly establishment! We'll definitely be back at this bar for SC2001.
We stuck around for a while, scoring free drinks and sticking 'naughty' and 'nice' stickers on other drunken patrons, including this corn-fed oaf.

This was where the schedule started breaking down (remember the schedule I wasn't going to mention again?) You get 20 people, and start pouring drinks into them, and the whole notion of 'sticking to the schedule' just goes right down the shitter.

On a brighter note, all our Mrs. Clauses were warmly welcomed by the regualrs at Johnny White's.

The Velvet Dog, another Santa-friendly establishment, was right next door... how convenient!

Here a couple of weary Santas relax and try to gain their bearings.

A bartender here made us some sort of special santa-shot which tasted great and was less filling.

This was the point in the evening at which the word "BOILERMAKER" was heard being barked to various bartenders...

a clear sign of pending trouble.