It was at this point that some Santas from Baton Rouge were in the Quarter, tryring to find us. Didn't happen.

We had also planned to ride a streetcar uptown to another pub to pick up more Santas. Didn't happen. We were just too busy acting like idiots and having a swell time.
On another brighter note:

Q: What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

A: A St. Charles streetcar full of rowdy Santas.
Santas are generally polite enough to puke into a trash can, rather than on your shoes, but don't count on it. I suspect these two may have secretly sucked down two of those Velvet Dog santa-shots apiece instead of just one.

These 'street performers' bug the shit out of me, but when I see drunk, stupid tourists harassing them, I feel a twinge of pity. When a drunk, obnoxious Santa harasses a street performer, however, it's just plain funny.