New Olreans seemed ripe for a SantaCon (Santa Rampage, Santarchy, St.Nick's Pub Crawl- it's a beast of many names), so in December 2000 I put together a small, slightly civilized version as a trial run.

Our plan was simple- head over to Celebration Station for some G-Rated antics and go-kart rides.  
  Then later we would get into the French Quarter for some raucousness. Tomfoolery. Chicanery, even.
The tentative schedule was posted on the intro page so stragglers could hook up with the herd later. Since there were other Santas trying to find us by following that schedule, and they were not successful, we won't be mentioning said schedule again. Suffice to say it was followed perfectly until about cocktail number three.


The first small group of Santas descended upon the unsuspecting patrons & management of Celebration Station, a local amusement park/mini golf-type place.

We started handing out crappy little toys to the kids in the park, only to be reminded how kids today have no fucking manners whatsoever. Savages.