We also noticed quickly that the courteous, helpful staff at Celebration Station seemed a little put off by a dozen happy Santas, even though we were entertaining their patrons and handing out lots of crappy little toys at our own expense. Go figure.

It had rained earlier in the day, and the courteous, helpful staff told us we'd have to wait until the track dried off before we could get into the go-karts.Our resident black belt Santa gave us some posturing tips in the meantime. This might prove helpful if we got into trouble in the Quarter.
All I wanted was a pic of Santas in go-karts. So we waited.  

And then we waited. We waited longer than our attention spans should have allowed. We watched the courteous, helpful staff ride go-karts around the track joyously, laughing and having a great time. While riding on the track, the courteous, helpful staff told us that the track was still too wet to use. This went on for an hour or more.

By the time the track was 'almost dry enough', it was getting dark and we were pretty pissed off at the courteous, helpful staff.

Possibly they were disappointed by Santa when they were younger, and saw this as a way of extracting their revenge.

We blew out of there with a pretty bitter taste in our mouths.