dr. cliff's photo-tour
the burningman98 series 


The art-cars gathered for a foray onto the open playa...some Mad-Max-looking types were part of the pack.  They had a couple cars and motorcycles, painted black and looking very menacing.
On the way out into the void, these clowns were jumping from car to car at around 40 m.p.h.
One of them fell and broke his collarbone, leading to the picture above.  One of the mad maxes is holding a flare to signal a medical emergency.
The BLM was on hand, and they decided that if we were going to act like that, we couldn't go out onto the playa.  Injury-boy ruined everyone's fun.  I later heard he was part of the horrible 80's band, Information Society.  Shocking- I hated the guy years before he pissed on our parade!