the marble table

This monster started out life as a microscope table in a lab at UCLA. They use these 650-pound tables so the scopes don't vibrate as much.  
  I took it apart and etched all the nasty chemical stains off the marble. It's not grade-A marble, so it's a little porous. I like that. It still has enough stain to show its age, without looking filthy.
The old plate-and-pipe crossmember was immediately discarded. This crossmember is a triple-helix twist of 1/2" aluminum rods, capped by heim joints. I made a triple helix because I used to do research in recombinant DNA. DNA is commonly considered a double helix, but when you're manipulating it, oftentimes you are making a triplex hybrid.  
  The helix members are bolted to a steel plate that I fabricated and powder coated in a wrinkled black finish. The helical limbs are held in place by tension against one another- if you pull one bolt, the table will try to fall over. It's very solid with all the bolts in place.
The outer plates are steel diamond-plate, with a gun-blue finish. I wanted to convey a sense of massive machinery, like the table itself, so I used brass through-bolts against the blued diamond-plate. It looks like something off an old locomotive.  
  I like to 'rescue' interesting things, and redesign them for new uses. If you have any interesting things lying about, contact me.

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