The Studio

Born Under a Bad Sign?
Department of Amusing & Disturbing Signage
Pooter the Psychic Dog
Click & visit Pooter, he knows you're coming...
Photo Gallery
Road Trips, a Bug Safari, and a few pics of Dr. Cliff & Friends
Listening Room
Music Reviews, my CD collection, a few live reviews?, Play list for BurningMan 99
Deliberate Fabrications
Strange things I've made. Making stuff is fun, but making stuff my way is even better.
The Name Game!
A chronic attempt to contact others named Cliff Davis.
The Rubber Indian Project
Self-Explanatory? Hardly! Go inside for the details.
Dr. Cliff's Standing Army
What happens when you're home sick, and live close to a 99-cent store?
Cletus the Bug and his mailbag
My first friend in New Orleans. R.I.P. Cletus.
Or, how to piss away fifty-one cents and LIKE IT.

Front Door