Cletus the Bug!

When I first moved to New Orleans, I stayed in the med-student dorms at LSU. They are horrible. Cold. Bleak. Ugly. I felt like I was in New York City.  

My second day, I noticed a bug on my windowsill. I instinctively grabbed my dental camera and took a pic. (I have lots of bug pics.)
I was about to escort him outside, when I thought, he's not hurting anybody. He can be my roommate. I named him Cletus. A pet bug would actually brighten up life in this dorm.

Cletus was a real ACTION bug, poised and ready for anything life tossed his way.

Cletus was a pretty cool-looking bug. He was one of the better roommates, too. If you know what kind of bug Cletus is, let me know. He never told me.

I would always look around for Cletus when I came home to the room. He liked to hang around the bananas I kept on my crummy dorm dresser.
I put him down on the inside of an empty banana peel. Bug heaven! You can see his proboscus digging into that nice soft banana-flesh. He really dug me after that. He ate lots of stuff- lasagna, mac-n-cheese, you name it.

What a bug.