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We grew pretty close. I'd come home and find Cletus, and we'd share a banana and just hang out. Cletus was more intersting than anyone else I met in the dorm.

One night I was having a beer and offerd some to Cletus. He took to it, but after a few sips he was acting all stupid. He couldn't even hold himself to the wall. Cletus was hammered. He passed out on the floor.
The next day I realized that Cletus didn't pass out, he died. Cletus drank himself to death in ten minutes. It takes most people decades to accomplish this.

Cletus was laid to rest in a 35mm film can. R.I.P. Cletus.

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In the near future, Cletus will be cast in sterling silver, as a loving tribute to pet bugs.

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Newsflash! Cletus the bug gets his own mailbag. My dead bug is becoming a minor celebrity. Join the fracas!