Gallstone #11

April 14, 1999

You may remember I was at the Monster Magnet/ Hole/ Marilyn Manson show
recently, where MM's set was cut short by an onstage injury. My $30 ticket
scored me all of 4 MM songs. Would there be a makeup show? We held on to
our tix stubs.

MM announced recently that there would indeed be a makeup show, added at
the end of the tour. yippie! he was doing it for us, his let-down fans! he
cares! oh wait, there's some fine print here...

the show's not gonna be free. well, MM will be *playing* for free, but the
replacement tix will cost $14.50 a pop. this, we are told, is to cover the
production costs of the elaborately-staged concert. hey ASSHOLE, I already
paid for that show once. when MM fell on his ass like a little girl, the
show stopped. didn't they save some money by not continuing the show?
where's *that* money and why isn't it being used to subsidize the make-up show?

the original show was at the forum- seating cap >20,000. the new show is at
the universal- capacity 6,000. less than one-third of the ticket-holders
will be able to get tix for the new show- is it first-come first-serve? do
i have to scramble, old tix stub in hand, through a throng of 14-year-old
wannabe-goth-sluts to get a $14 ticket for a free show that i already paid for?

yes, and it gets even better- i have to do all that *in person*, at the
universal box office (a 30-minute drive each way)!

i paid showbiz for a show. now, to actually *see* the show (characterized
by MM as a *gift* to his LA fans!) i have to drive across l.a. to stand in
a long line of dimwits to pay a 50% tariff on the tickets i already own.
everybody should be so smart, as to give gifts like this. you know, gifts
that people PAY you for!

"i got you something, honey, sure i did. i didn't forget our anniversary...
just hop in the car and motor over to the mall, and pick it up, ok? oh, and
when you get there, you'll have to pay for it again..."
"oh baby you're so good to me!" *kisskiss* and off she goes.

and people wonder why i'm so bitter. thanks, marilyn, for your *gift*, but
i can only afford to pay for your show once. next tour, please injure
yourself at someone else's expense, or at least assume some financial
responsibility for cleaning up the mess. $14.50 right up yer ass.

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