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This is where we talk about ME- things I would like to have, things I covet, things I dream about, THINGS YOU CAN SEND ME.

If you'd like to participate in the Swag Exchange, just send something, and I'll send something back. Be sure to clearly indicate "Swag Exchange", otherwise you're sending me a gift and you probably won't get anything in return.

I realize many of the things I covet are hardly the kind of things given away by even the most dedicated Cardhouse fan. So instead of a gimme page, this is really sort of a 'if you know where I can find one of these, please hook me up' page. See why I just called it a gimme page? Keep It Simple, Stupid.

1961, 1962, 1963, or 1964 Lincoln Continental

I've been wanting a Lincoln for a while now- about 15 years. Lately I'm really getting the itch to own one. It's TIME! I want a Linc in driving condition, so I can drive it to work every day while I restore & modify it on the weekends. Any year from 61 to 64 would be OK, hardtop or convertible is OK, but the ideal car would be a 64 sedan. I would consider a car in any condition, running or not, but a straight, no-rust body is a firm requirement.

Watch/Jewelry Display case

You remember those display cases that used to be in Woolworth-type places? They were about the size of a dishwasher, and they had a glass top & front. There were shelves to hold the watches/jewelry/whatever, and an electric motor slowly churned these shelves in an endless parade up the front and back across the top. You could push a button and the parade would stop so you could ogle a particular piece of merchandise. I want one of these.

Ford Triton V-10 Motor & Trans

This will be the new, improved drivetrain for the above-mentioned Lincoln. These beasts come in late-model SuperDuty Ford Trucks. I need a complete, running motor/trans with harness & ECU.

1988 (or so) Honda Civic Hatchback

This would be a car I would build into a fun rocketship/coffin. Again, a rustless body is important, but everything else is flexible. I would prefer a fuel-injected car with no sunroof.

Old Dental Tools

I think old dental tools are cool. If you have any, or know where some kooky old tools are, let me know. I promise not to use them in my practice.

Anything, really.

Just send me something. Shit. Anything you think I would enjoy, send it.

Send any & all things to:

Dr. Cliff

P.O. Box 113424

Metairie, LA 70011-3424

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