Subwoofer Repair


Subwoofers, or 'subs' as they are called by experts, are an important part of today's sophisticated home-theater and automotive sound systems. They fill out the low-frequency sounds that you don't really HEAR as much as you actually FEEL.
Below are some steps you can take to try to fix problems with your sub.  Problem signs include:

  1. Raspy, distorted sounds coming from sub
  2. Smell of burning plastic when volume is turned up all the way
  3. Smoke or fire coming from sub or the amp that powers it

If you have experienced any of these signs, try the following easy fixes- illustrated on an Infinity KCS-100 kevlar-cone free-air sub from my car.

Let me again stress the importance of a clean, safe, sturdy work surface. For this job, I've chosen my wife's favorite living-room chair.


There's a foam ring between the cone and the metal cage- this is called the "surround". It deteriorates over time and leads to that buzzing or crackling sound that may be pissing you off. If so, cut out the surround as shown, using a filet knife from the kitchen. No more surround = no more buzzing.  
If you have over-driven your sub with too much power, you may find the voice-coil wiring to be all melted together. If it's bad, you have to pull it all out. If you've gotten this far, you should pull it all out as a preventive measure to avoid future problems.

voice-coil repair


The Fridge-Magnet Formerly Known as Expensive Infinity Subwoofer!

 Sometimes, getting inside a component like this gives you ideas, to use it in a new and interesting way that may have never occurred to you before.  Here is my new invention, The Fridge-Magnet Formerly Known as Expensive Infinity Subwoofer.  No more bothersome distortion in the car, and I can stick a phone book to my fridge with it. Stay tuned for more service tips from your pal, Dr. Cliff! You're most welcome!  

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