Monitor Repair Tips
Monitors are cheap these days, but it's still worth looking at your old one if it's giving you trouble.  It may be something easy to fix, and you might not even need a new monitor, so let's take a look at a typical monitor service procedure.
Remember, choosing the right workspace makes any job easier and safer. To troubleshoot my old IBM 8512, I dropped it on the carpet under my desk.  Note my foot in the lower right corner- it's there to hold down the workpiece, if necessary. poor old IBM 8512
brightness knob adjustment Sometimes, old tubes just don't get bright enough anymore. With a sturdy screwdriver, you can really get some leverage on the brightness knob, and you can turn it up a little bit more.  I'm using the foot (pictured above) to steady the monitor as I lean the screwdriver into the knb.  Note that the contrast knob on this particular unit has been previously serviced in this fashion.
The tamper-proof screws used on some equipment can really give you a headache. I use a special tool, called a pistol, to remove the back cover.

NOTE: The use of a pistol requires special training. If you don't know how to do this, it's best left to experts.

don't try this @ home, stupid.
Coming Soon- How to Increase Ventilation to Prevent Overheating (also done with a pistol).

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