Cordless Phone Repair
Cordless telephones have become a staple of our modern lives. Why, even people on the welfare can afford them! These sophisticated devices often stop working suddenly and without warning, leaving the owner in a quandry. By keeping a cool head and systematically looking for the problem, we'll get this phone working again in no time.
A clean, well-lit work surface is essential. I've chosen an old office chair in the back room. Some of the lights are out, but that's a project for another day.
Let's open the case, to see if anything has been melted or broken. It pays to check the obvious things first! Nothing damaged inside, but some little components fell out when the case was twisted apart with a screwdriver. The little components were apparently not properly attached in the first place, so we tossed 'em in the trash. Now the phone will be lighter and more convenient. 
The clips holding the case together also shattered when the phone was pried apart. We'll just use a hose clamp to hold the case back together. I used a stainless steel clamp, to resist the corrosive effects of ear wax and phlegm. voice-coil repair
 This is an older phone, before the days of 'auto-channel-select'. I decided to retrofit a manual selector from a Jeep 5-speed transmission. It's secured under the hose clamp, and a large drywall screw works as a pivot. Now when I get poor reception, I can just upshift or downshift to a clearer channel. 
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