repair procedure: cell Phone!
 Sometimes, we cause a new problem when we're fixing the old one. The keypad caught fire when exposed to 110 volts. No big deal, but we'll have to open the case and have a look.
A lot of modern hardware is snapped together, not screwed together. This means it has to be snapped apart, as shown here in the bench vise. Tighten carefully until the case buckles apart, or until some pieces fly off.
The keypad was damaged by a chip that caught fire when we loaded the circuit with household current. Here, the defective chip is being removed using the bench vise and big pliers. Be sure to ground yourself- static build-up can damage sensitive chips!
All's well that ends well! Phone is working fine, although it doesn't fold any more since it's been bent into an awkward Z-shape. Also, as seen here, the antenna occasionally catches fire. Another costly repair job avoided!
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