repair procedure: cell Phone!
Everybody has a cellular phone these days, especially here in Los Angeles. But what to do when it stops working? Pay some goon a fortune to fix it? Just get another one? Maybe, but with some common tools and common sense, let's open this thing up and look for any obvious problems.
 This Motorola flip-phone has been a workhorse for years, but now the battery doesn't seem to hold a charge. At left, I'm carefully prying the battery away from the phone. Use the big pliers with a firm grip.
Since the battery is no good, we decided to convert the phone to household current (110 volts). Solder the ends of an old extension cord right to the contacts on the back of the case. From 4 volts to 110! This phone should get real good reception now.
For added convenience, include a household on-off switch in the circuit. It's just too easy to break a nail on the phone's dinky little power switch.  Here we are plugged in and ready for the test-firing of our 110V cell phone...
This phone apparently is not equipped to handle 110 volts. Problem signs included:
  • Crackling noises
  • Melted-plastic smell
  • Keypad is on fire
We turned it off immediately and let it cool off before further investigation.
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