encounter! with arthur blessitt
I got this entry in my guestbook, from a guy named Arthur Blessitt. There was a link to his website, so I went there to check this guy out.  It turns out Arhtur is a full-on Jesus freak.  He has walked the Earth, on foot, carrying an 8-foot cross, for 29 years.
To my surprise (and dissappointment, I confess), Arthur was NOT a lunatic or a rabid Bible-thumper. He didn't speak in tongues or handle snakes or anything!  He just spoke clearly and emphatically about his beliefs and how they led him on this journey.  Local newsboobs from KTLA were on hand to interview Arthur,and he was engaging and lucid.  Completely unexpected!  He had some interesting tales (and many more, I'm sure) about carrying that cross around the world, including hoofing it 18,00 feet over the Khyber Pass when he couldn't get a visa from the next country.
I waited around for a while, until the media furor died down, then I stepped forward to introduce myself.  Arthur was pleasant (not that fake 'Jesus-freak' pleasant) and friendly. I told him I didn't share his faith but I admired his convictions.  He respected that, and we shook hands and went our separate ways.

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