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Hey sodium fans! Are you "jonesing" for your favorite element? Well, search no more! Here are the results of the poorly-promoted Sodium Contest, in which contestants were asked to find food products with the highest sodium content per serving and the highest total sodium content. I am awarding "Best of Show" to Temple Brand Salted Black Beans, for just about tripling the sodium content of the first runner-up and also your recommended maximum "Daily Value" of sodium (2400mg). I cracked open a can of this stuff, and the salt molecules actually reached up and started strangling me. Totally bizarre. I also found a recipe on the web that calls for salted black beans and a "bit of salt", presumably to get you up to that cherished 300% mark.

As far as total sodium content is concerned, it's HAM! HAM! HAM! But I think we all knew that.

serving   %pdv    total  
6950mg    289%   6950mg  Temple Brand Salted Black Beans 130g (Philippines)
2380mg     99%   2380mg  Boston Market's Orignal Chicken Pot Pie
2310mg     96%   2310mg  Hardee's Big Country Sausage
1760mg     73%   1760mg  Trader Joe's Shrimp & Surimi Sushi Rice Bowl
1520mg     63%   1520mg  Trader Joe's Middle East Feast
1510mg     63%   3020mg  Libby's Corned Beef Hash (16 oz can)
1400mg     58%   1400mg  Smack Cup Ramen (Spicy Chicken flavor)
1030mg     43%  27810mg  Armour Premium Canned Ham (5 lbs)
 920mg     38%   9200mg  Kikkoman Soy Sauce
 900mg     37%   5400mg  Hillshire Farms Cheddar Wurst Smoked Sausage with Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese
 700mg     29%  17500mg  Westbrae Natural Soy Sauce
 570mg     24%   3420mg  Kraft EASY MAC Macaroni "Macaroni & Cheese Dinner: Microwavable Single Servings."
 153mg      6%  10215mg  Marmite
special thanks to novarese, tecopa jane, and david c.

More salt, PLEASE

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