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I think this is more what people expect from the Music For/To series, a definitive profession enhanced by music, not some vague feeling-associated album like Music For Soul-Crushing Ennui or whatever.

Baton Twirling, though, is one of those nonsensical cultural things that I never really got, even when I was a little kid watching Sandee, our next-door neighbor, twirling her ass off in the front yard. We had backyards as well, Sandee, backyards, but I guess 99% of baton twirling, unlike everyone else in the band, is visual. Perhaps a sound-generating baton would revolutionize the baton twirling industry.

But truthfully, I immediately had a newfound respect for baton twirling after watching a scantily-dressed woman twirling one or two of those fire batons at Burning Man (oh, you're thinking, of course, but I've also seen this in front of Oakland CA city hall, along with the Oakland Police low-rider). Yessiree, baton twirling.