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Yeah, I know, Indian Chef, Chinese product. Go figger. That must be some smaller game animal like Quail, but I like pretending the guy is a GIANT and he's sprinkling curry powder over a turkey.

The explanatory text on the back ends thusly: "The whole dish is ready to be served: A WONDERFUL AND TASTY CURRY WILL BE THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE FEAST!"

Not this curry powder, though. I purchased it in July 2000 - "use before February 1992". It has a more extensive product expiration section than most American products, indicating that the "period of conservation" is three years. Zo, given all of this, we can deduce that this curry was made in February of 1989. It was made in Hong Kong, and now you have figured out the whole Indian theme. VINTAGE PRE-HANDOFF HONGKONG CURRY POWDER LQQK!!! Quick! To the ebaymobile!