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Do board, the prison bus

part of this complete lock-down!
2001feb28. Hot Wheels prison school bus. USA.

You may have seen this item as featured on "The Jay Leno Tonight Show With Jay Leno" awhile ago. I did not because no one held a gun to my head that night. I heard about it secondhand, after the purchase was made. My posse went nuts trying to find these things in toy stores, and some of us, well, some of us went hungry. So I thought I'd wait a year or two until everyone cooled down, stopped being so freaking feverish over it. Then I would drag it out again, going like "nyeah nyeah, I got the prison school bus and you didn't, nyeah, also nyeah nyeah!"

If you haven't figured it out yet, this was a wacky manufacturer mix-up. They had a regular school bus, and a prisoner trasnport bus from another set of five police vehicles (including a S.W.A.T. van, annoying helicopter that circles endlessly over a two-block area of L.A. looking for criminal youth disturbing the peace, etc) somehow got thrown into the school bus package.

QUICK! TO THE MINT-IN-BOX EBAYMOBILE! [SFX: ebay theme song plays in background]

There's all sort of politics gelling on this page. The green envy as mentioned in the above paragraph, my burning subconscious desire to smash this borrowed digital camera for eating over two hours of my time for setup and for having the worst image download program in the world. It's all there, hidden, if you will, in that picture.

Why do I get the creepy feeling that twenty years from now this won't be funny? "What, yeah, prison school bus? So?" I mean, pretty soon we're going to run out of adults to imprison, then we'll imprison all the kids, then everyone will be in prison so ... wait a second ... no more prisons! Cakewalk.