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2000jan15. Toppy Choco Nuts Instant Seasoning Paks are a delightful addition to any otherwise unadorned piece of toast. In case it's not abundantly clear from the front photo exactly how one is to prepare Toppy Choco Nuts Instant-seasoned toast, there is a three-step cartoon on the back, led by a smaller piece of toast I've come to call "Mr. Toppy Nuts Toast Chef". We play a lot of 9-ball, I'm down five bucks. Pay special attention to step #2, in which you are required to pour the bag of Toppy Choco Nuts onto the toast (this is the "instant" part). A lot of people screw the pooch right there. I'm not sure why Mr. Toppy Nuts doesn't just apply the seasoning mix to himself. That's the way things are usually done around here.

Also, I bought a slew of these bags (also Toppy Honey Nuts Instant Seasoning) for the Nader Free Toast Offer Contest. If you voted for Nader and did not receive your free toast and free Toppy Honey/Choco Nuts Instant Seasoning Pak, there's really nothing I can do at this point. See you in 2004.

Ingredients: sugar, almond, caco mass, milk powder, peanut, wheat flour, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, canola oil, corn starch, glucose, egg yolk, salt, artificial flavor, caramel coloring, leavening, soy lecithin. I know. Your mouth is watering now.