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Children In Distress.

The following eleven pictures are from a series of Czechoslovakian matchboxes from the 40's or 50's with a child-safety theme.

Oddly enough, there's no picture of a child using matches, whether to start fires or light mysterious cigarettes. The powerful Czech Republic/Slovakia formerly Czechoslovakia matchbox industry lobby prevails.

Oh MY! You think you are something special, don't you, Mr. Showman Person? Well let me tell you about a small boy like you who wanted to "show off" on the cover of a "matchbox" ... he hit a rock in the road and fell to the ground ... and that little boy doesn't have A FACE anymore! CHRANTE DETI!

Those are pretty flowers, will you pick me one? Oh, look out, a thorn! Your finger is bleeding ... you are momentarily distracted and lose your balance!



What could be down in that shallow depression? Perhaps a toy or two, no? What the hell is that, anyway? Some kind of culvert? Maybe I'll check it out myself. The mysteries of the shallow pool await! CHRANTE...DETI!

A young Sonny Bono hits the slopes in style with his fruity Czechoslovakian sled.

Wait, I forgot one from the last picture. CHRANTE DETI!

Now ... where was I. Oh, yes. Sammy! Do not climb the ladder to the top of the hay machine thing! It is surely DEATH! CHRANTE DETI!!!

Caption #1: Soup's on ... YOU!

Caption #2: Childhood comedian Lily Tomlin goes for the cheap "third-degree burns" gag.

Caption #3: CHRANTE DETI!!!!

You thought it would be "fun" to ride a coal truck, didn't you, Jimmy? What you don't know is that the coal truck is going to BELARUS NON-STOP!!! CHRANTE DETI!

There are many pretty bottles in daddy's medicine cabinet ... look at that one, it's pink! And so is that one! And ... those two over there, and that one as well. Just drink one already. Chrante ... CHRANTE DETI!

Thought you'd "gamble" your life for three cherries, did you? Well, you're about to fall on that model house directly below you! CHRANTE DETI!

Ahhh, my wee one, you have fallen in the ice, no? Perhaps you shouldn't have had that last Ho-Ho, eh, petite chubbyman? Goodbye, Mr. Bond, err, I mean, CHRANTE DETI!

1999. Several people have sent in translations of "Chrante Deti" -- and for that I thank them.

2000jan03. Current Czech Republic matchbook (warning: graphic material).

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