Off to the Cat's Meow, the Quarter's rowdy karaoke bar.

It was too crowded for any Santas to get in on the singing, but we still had a good time heckling others.

(Note our "Naughty" sticker now functioning as the cop's tie clip)

In some towns, John Law has been known to give a large group of unruly Santas a rough time.

Cops could easily panic, suddenly turning the corner to find a crowd of boisterous, heckling Santas.

Here in New Orleans, afeter he stopped laughing, the friendly officer volunteered to frisk us, just for grins. At this point, we were open to suggestions, so we obliged. Getting frisked is a lot less stressful when you're not going to jail afterward.

Caroling in Jackson Square, singing some seriously perverse and vile carols. The putz in blue was

just some random drunk who 'befriended' us and started following us around the Quarter. He kept acting like an obnoxious Santa, just like we were. In his alcoholic zeal, he never seemed to realize the need for a Santa suit.
You know, to be Santa. With all these other fun people. Who all have Santa suits.

All in all, a brilliant night. We also spent some time in a strip club, where a couple of Santas got lap dances, and a couple other bars where all the Santas worked out their livers some more.

Many thanks to rockinghorsefly for the pics.

Stay tuned for SantaCon2001...

you're invited!