Adventures with the BurningMan Power Elite!

[this is a multi-part, text-y thing. It will be interesting only if you love or hate BurningMan]

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NOTE: throughout this series, marian's writing looks like this. My writing to her looks like this. And my commentary added here, on these pages, looks like this.


here's what i read in the latest JRS-

It saddens me that we are having the decompression party before the clean up has been finished, and those whose committment keeps them in Nevada will be missed greatly.

what egocentric tripe! here's what it sounded like when i read it-

"It's really really important for YOU to go out to the desert, and clean up the mess that we charged people $100 each to make. I guess if we sold fewer tix we could have cleaned up in time. Please volunteer so we don't have to pay anyone. we only have $800K left in our wallet from this year [puppy eyes]. In the meantime, WE'RE having a big PARTY so people can get loaded and tell us how cool we are. Oh, btw, it's starting to rain out there, so be prepared to get stuck/freeze/catch pneumonia/die.
Thanks for helping burningman! you're cool! love ya! mean it!"

You folks are a fucking piece of work. I left the playa cleaner than when I arrived, and i'm sure glad I snuck in this year. I couldn't live with funding your cliquish little decompression bash, while someone else is in the desert cleaning up after the event you designed, organized, and promoted.

I guess your idea of 'community' means having a party while soliciting volunteers to do your chores.

I'll see you next year on the playa, and you *still* won't have any of my money in your pocket.

Granted, this opening volley was a little harsh. But the response was quite telling...

So maid marian wrote this back to me.