Adventures with the BurningMan Power Elite!

[this is a multi-part, text-y thing. It will be interesting only if you love or hate BurningMan]

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NOTE: throughout this series, marian's writing looks like this. My writing to her looks like this. And my commentary added here, on these pages, looks like this.

Sorry to hear you have mis-interpreted the issue.

I assume you'd rather not be on the JRS anymore, so I'll take you off.

Thanks for your unkind remarks.

There is paint that has been poured on the playa, burn scars with bottles and nails. More than was expected. Yes, we didn't throw enough money at the clean up, the person in charge didn't know to do so....we learn each year.

I hope you don't both sneaking in next year, as you clearly don't care about what we are doing in the desert.

Like I said, my opening volley was a little harsh. But the beast has shown its face!

Here is what happens if you criticize the enterpreneurs behind an anarchistic experiment in self-expression:

  1. Your criticism is categorically dismissed as your lack of understanding.
  2. You get cut off from the official propaganda newsletter.
  3. Mistakes are confessed in a context which avoids any mention of actual responsibility.
  4. The hypocrisy I wrote about is ignored as a non-issue.

    These are the tactics of expert propagandists. I was impressed.

So I wrote this back to maid marian