dr. cliff goes alligator hunting. no, really!

Out-takes from the adventure.

I mean, seriously, alligators have terrible breath. Not as bad as some of my patients, but still pretty fierce.

Somebody really needs to get out there with some floss.
"oh my GOD! It came out of nowhere and I didn't have time to stop!


This shot would be a little more impressive if we didn't all know the gator was alredy dead at this point.

wup- did I spoil it for you? you should know better than to trust an attorney.
We wanted to get a shot of the gator in/on my car, and this was about the best we could do. The really funny part is, when we picked him up, he emptied his bladder right into the driver's seat of my car. A car full of dead alligator piss- now, THAT's comedy. I think it was our karmic payback for taking stupid pics of our kill. The smell is almost gone now...


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