dr. cliff goes alligator hunting. no, really!

Charles showed us the finer points of skinning an alligator. Although 'alligator tastes good', these guys trap gators for the hides, which bring about $35 per foot raw. The meat is sold on-the-bone to local shops, but the real money comes from the hide.

For the record, he is making that stupid face on purpose. hyuk hyuk smile for the camera!
It took an hour or so to skin the gator without damaging the hide. One small tear can make the difference between a $200 hide and a $30 hide, so it pays to be careful.

Here's Freddy dressing the tail meat. It's the most prized part of the gator, and Charles had promised this tail to his Grandma. Even after taking the gator's head off, the muscles in the body would twitch when you cut them. Strange, primitive wiring in these animals!
The tale of the tape- this hide is 6 feet, eight inches. Should bring about $230, and the meat will earn another 20 or so, making this a $250 catch and not a bad morning. Plus, shit, how many people get to say they've been gator hunting?


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