felix lamp

My mom sent me a string of Felix-the-Cat lights a few years ago. I was a Felix fan as a kid, and moms always want their kids to be kids, so occasionally she sends me some random Felix paraphernalia.  
  This was a string of xmas-tree type lights, each with a globe in the likeness of Felix. I wanted to hang 'em up, but I couldn't leave well enough alone...
I wanted to rigid-mount the lights somehow, so I got some 1/2" copper tubing and enough tee's for each light to stick through a tee. The tee's are spaced 4" apart by lengths of tubing. Then I figured I should add in some useful room lighting, whiule I was at it.


  I built a 1-1/2" copper-tubing riser from the floor, to house the wiring. Also included is the speaker wire for the rear channel of the home theater gear. The 110 outlet for the Felix lamp, and the banana-jacks for the speaker, exit the riser through a capped tee.
I scavenged three cool decorative light buckets from an old floor lamp. I brazed the fittings onto some 1-1/2" tube and screwed the light buckets to the tube. This was mounted to the ceiling with plastic standoffs, and connected to the riser with 45- and 90-degree elbows.  
  On the riser, just below the frame of the photo, is a capped tee. The cap actually houses a hidden rotary switch, which operates the room lights and felix lights independently.

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