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This page is specific to the undertaking of Project: Bomber!

What I want:

Affordable, reliable power. This will entail the use of mostly 'factory' drivetrain parts.

Road-handling capability. I'm not a drag-racer, and my car won't be, either. I want to stuff the car into an on-ramp and come out alive.

A fast car that's also a comfortable daily driver. The suspension will be adjsutable for height & damping on all four corners, but that's so I can adjust it, not so I can dump it onto the bumpstops. It might look cool, but you beat your car (and your ass) to death when you drop it too far.

What I don't want:

Stickers. A decal-covered car screams many things:

  • Steal me!
  • Pull me over!
  • Lots of expensive stuff inside!
  • My owner thinks he's hot shit and wants to race you!

I don't want my car to scream any of those things. I don't want it to look like anything but a plain old 1987 Civic. I'm building it to drive, not to look at. And I don't want other folks in the parking lot 'looking at it' either.

Expensive, exotic parts. This includes 17" rims, 35-series tires, and other fluff that can't be easily/cheaply replaced. When you drive cars hard, they break. I would rather break a part I can get from Pep Boys than one I have to order from Japan (providing the Pep Boys part is up to the task).
Big stupid farty ehxaust. You know the saying "If it's too loud, then you're too old"? Well, I'm too old. I used to love loud fast cars when I was younger, but now I want a QUIET fast car.
Clear tail-light lenses and other goofy, trendy garbage. My car's not going to any fashion shows, and if it was, I still wouldn't waste money on all that dress-up junk. None of it makes the car go any faster, only cost more. I'll spend my dough under the hood, thanks.

In short, I want a powerful, reliable car with sure-footed, capable handling, that doesn't draw a lot of attention to itself, and that I can enjoy as my regular daily driver. Tall order! Stay tuned. 'tuned' hahaha.

Project: Bomber!


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