The Clean Slate

The Clean Slate

Here's Project: Bomber before any of the work begins. As you can see, it's the perfect starting point for a 'sleeper'- inconspicuous and humble. I kind of wish it wasn't red, because red is the classic 'give me a ticket' color. The paint job is recent but real crappy. The hood & fender gaps are all crooked from a shoddy collision repair. Stock Honda 13" steelies, clapped-out struts of unknown age.

Ironically, the 'after' pics will look almost exactly the same- except under the hood, of course. The 12-valve EFI motor in the Si was Honda's first real shot at a sporty powerplant, and it still holds up to scrutiny. 92 HP isn't too impressive on paper, but the motor's broad torque curve makes for fun driving anyway. Not sporty enough, though- when the chassis is up to snuff, this mill's getting shit-canned for a VTEC mill with twice the output.
During Mardi Gras, some kind stranger 'customized' my antenna for me. I had a 'mooneyes' antenna ball, and some shitbird saw fit to swipe the whole thing. I'd be even more pissed off if the car had a stereo in it. Shit like this makes me even more determined to go 'plain-jane' with this car. I don't want anyone to even notice my car, much less try to steal it/strip it.

The interior is a little rough, but totally liveable. When I got the car, the driver's seat-handle was broken off, so I replaced it with a lovely pair of $3 chinese-import Vise-Grip knock-offs. Works good, last a long time. Later mods to the drivetrain & chassis will be a little more sophisticated than this!



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