Toll-Free Phone Numbers of Spam-Senders!

Sometimes, when I anxiously open my daily dose of unsolicited email, I get a special reward. The marketer has included a TOLL-FREE number for me to call, so I can buy his/her wares. This is tantamount to handing whiskey & car keys to a teenager- nothing good can come of this. Below is a growing list of TOLL-FREE phone numbers gleaned from SPAM.

    • 1-888-568-6733
    • 1(888)281-2694
    • 1-800-570-3782 ext.2922
    • 877-699-7409
    • 877-699-7408
    • 877-699-8540
    • 1-800-876-6628
    • 877-699-8541
    • 888-514-6881
    • 1-800-533-9350

I think this is a wonderful opportunity to share our opinions on SPAM (or any other subject that comes to mind- it's THEIR DIME!) with the people who actually send these important bargains/business opportunities/porn sites to us every day in our mailbox. Why, we don't even have to ASK! They just keep sending and sending all these meaningful messages to us. Please consider calling these people and thanking them for all they do- after all, it won't cost you a penny! Occasionally, I have orchestrated several people to call the same number throughout the day, playing along as the marketer lays out the bait, and then uttering the same phrase before hanging up. It can also liven up a slow day at work, trying to see how long some dickhead phone-barker will put up with your 'stupidity' before HE hangs up on YOU. Try it! Especially valuable tip- since telemarketer-guy is a stranger and a social bottom-feeder, you can say whatever you want into the phone (ahem, yes, the Brewster account is our most coveted target...) when your boss walks by, and you don't need to explain yourself. Just see how long he'll put up with you.

This is an off-shoot of dr. cliff's Shit List.