BurningMan Prankery!

One of our operatives bears a slight resemblance to Larry Harvey, so of course we exploited this. We added an overt business theme to the daily activities, since BurningMan has devolved into a profit enterprise. They won't admit it, so we admitted it for them.

The flier below was distributed daily, hopefully provoking attendees into questioning exactly what the festival has become. It also plays on the management-mandated 'wheel of time' theme for 1999's event.

What TIME is it?

My ROLEX "wheel of time" sez...

It's time to plan your financial future.

Every noon, at the foot of the man, the BurningMan Corporation will host a one-hour investment seminar, featuring a different guest speaker each day. Transcripts of each seminar will be for sale the following day at the ice station.

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