Thank you for responding to the sticker. This should be an interesting experiment, and the more responses, the better. I'll post everyone's responses when I get enough.

I sent out 500 of those stickers, all on 'business-reply' envelopes & cards. This is like putting a message in a bottle and tossing it into the ocean. I really have no idea who, if anyone, will even notice the stickers. I want to see who reads them. That's YOU!

Please answer a few quick questions for me. There's also space at the end, for you to tell me whatever you'd like to say. Thanks again.

First, I need the password. If you have more than one sticker, you may have surmised that all 500 passwords are the same; I just need to be sure you actually have a sticker. Forms with no password, or with wrong passwords, will be ignored.
Now, tell me how you found the sticker.Do you work in a mail room, or a subscription office?
How many stickers did you get?
What's Your Name? [Optional, of course]
And your email Address? [Also optional, of course]
Are you surfing from work?
Have you explored the rest of my site? If so, for how long?
What do you think of Dr. Cliff on
At this point, are you...

Here's the grand finale- is there anything you'd like to say about this experiment?

Check the RESULTS!

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