dr. cliff goes alligator hunting. no, really!

On the very last of our fifteen hooks, the last chance of the whole YEAR to catch an alligator, we had one. You can see him hiding there- his snout is pointing to the lower right of the photo.
Charles dispatched our alligator expertly and it looked as though the gator went quickly and realtively painlessly. Then we had to haul it onto dry land. This is the part that would SUCK if we were doing this on a boat. Imagine hauling an alligator into your little flatboat, possibly surrounded by other (LIVE) gators. Not a lot of room for mistakes.

Here's our gator. They do look a little less intimidating when they're dead. This one's about seven feet long.

IMPORTANT TIP: No matter how hot it is, wear long pants and long sleeves in the swamp. I was covered with mosquito and fire-ant bites. I mean like HUNDREDS of them. Freddy and Charlie were hotter than I was, but the next day I'm sure they were a hell of a lot more comfortable.
Dead or alive, a seven-foot alligator's mouth commands attention and respect. Not only are the powerful jaws lined with sharp, sharp teeth, this gator had some fierce breath.


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