Gallstone #22

Jun 23 2000

[Today, a special guest gallstone from my wife Trixie.]

Is anyone else as upset as I am about the recent attacks in Central Park? I mean regardless of what sex you are, how you are dressed, or the way you are acting, you DO NOT deserve to be attacked! I am sickened, saddened, and disturbed at what our world is coming to.

I am so angry that I could spit! I want to scream and yell and cry every time I see the "home videos" on the news. Last night Dateline aired an episode solely devoted to the attacks. They interviewed a few of the women who were attacked and I was just sad. These poor women were poked, prodded, and pawed, then stripped of their clothes and their dignity. NO ONE should be allowed to do that. And to make matters worse, the police ("To Protect and To Serve") were nowhere to be found while this was going on. Some NYPD would like to make this a race issue. IT IS NOT! It's about women and our rights.

They say that the crowd had a "mob mentality," what does that mean?

The dictionary definition for "mob mentality" is as follows:
mob-a large disorderly crowd or throng; the mass of common people regarded as ignorant or otherwise deficient
mentality-the sum of a person's intellectual capabilities or endowment; mental capacity; intelligence

Add that up and you get a group of idiots! That sounds about right to me. But, does the fact that those "boys" are idiots excuse what they did? No. It gives them an excuse. There's a difference.

To say that these "boys" are idiots only when they get together doesn't tell the whole story. Some men act this way whether or not they have other "boys" egging them on. I mean, how many times have you women walked down the street minding your own business only to have some pervert cat call at you or make kissing sounds? That, to me signifies an idiot. Do they think that we like that sort of stuff? Like I'm thinking to myself "Gosh, there are no good men around anymore," when lo and behold one yells out, "Hey Baby, shake it over here!" Oooooh. That gets me sooo hot. Not possible. It gets me nauseous. Uch.

The NYPD have arrested over 25 men who were identified by the women they attacked. All they can say is "I was just having fun" Define fun. Being wet down, peeled off, and thrown aside does not sound like fun to me. Did they stop to think about the women they were attacking? Did their screams and pleas of "Stop, No, Don't, Help!" make them think that the women were having fun too? Doubtful. They couldn't or wouldn't help themselves. The women wanted it? Bullshit! No women wants that. EVER!

One suspect, Manuel Vargas, an 18 year old high school dropout, says that "They're telling me I'm bothering them and I'm bothering nothing." Clearly, as evidenced by Vargas' use of the word 'nothing' rather than the pronoun "nobody", Vargas belies his view of women as things, not people. Did he ever stop to think that these women were someone's sister, mother, wife, girlfriend? Obviously not. Hey I've got an idea, let's get all of the "boys" female relatives and friends together and attack them? Sound good? Probably not, but hey, it's an idea.

Another suspect, after being identified by 4 victims, was trying to raise money to flee to the Dominican Republic before he turned himself in. COWARD! You were a big man when you were groping, prodding, and poking these women but now you're afraid. Afraid of his pending, well-deserved fate. Maybe his first day in prison will provide some insight into how the women in Central Park felt. Maybe you should have thought about that before you behaved the way that you did.

Yet another suspect cut his hair and dyed it blond in an attempt to disguise himself. You cannot hide from what you did. No matter how you change your appearance, those women will never forget your face. Don't bother.

A 16 year old suspect, Roberto Camacho had the gall to boast about his conquests to teachers and students at his DEVELOPMENTAL school in the Bronx. Can you say stupid? He told them that he personally tore off women's tops, pulled down the pants of one woman, and ripped off her underwear! How sick is this boy? Where did he learn that this behavior was not only acceptable but is something to be proud of? Who raised this child?

And what about the French newlyweds? The husband was held back while the mob attacked his new bride, stripped her naked and proceeded to assault her while her husband was forced to watch. That doesn't sound like mob mentality to me. It sounds like these "boys" need help. When she was finally rescued, or so she thought, the mob followed her to the police vehicle where they continued to taunt and demean her by opening the vehicle door, touching her and taking her picture. How fucking sick can you be? And where were the police when people were trying to take their protective charge back out of the fucking police car?

Where are all the wealthy, sheltered celebrities who are championing women's rights? Let one of them step up and say $10,000 for each person who calls the NYPD and identifies one of the attackers, let them show their support for women's rights. Let them do something for once, instead of just talking about it!

By the way, where is NOW in all of this? Their spokesPERSON was on Dateline last night "speaking out", saying that what happened was terrible. Terrible? I think that as the National Organization for Women, it is their duty to get involved, not just make their presence known and stroke themselves on National television. Why don't THEY put up or shut up?

As women,

We have a right to wear a revealing outfit because it makes us feel GOOD! Not for the unwanted attention from the opposite sex and without the fear of having it ripped off by 20 or 30 drunken, stupid "boys"

We have the right to go out and attend a public celebration and not be afraid.

We are human beings. We are not meat. We are not toys. We are WOMEN and we cannot allow ourselves to be treated this way anymore!

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