Gallstone #19

Oct 11 1999

Some interesting tidbits gleaned from the new orleans times-picayune, one day last week.

In the obituaries, a 59-year-old man was mentioned. more alarming than the death of a 59-year-old, was the fact that he was survived by several children, grandchildren, and GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN. At the age of 59, his children's children have children. Do the math.

Also in the obits was a notice of a somewhat obese woman who died of heart failure. she was 29 years old. i didn't eat any fried food the day i read that.

At Southern Louisiana University, a star student was at a party, explaining to his friends that it is perfectly safe to play russian roullette, if you know how guns work. he put a bullet in the chamber and spun it. after examining the cylinder, he put the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger. OF COURSE he blew his face off and died instantly in front of his friends.

A man was sentenced to 15 years state prison, for stabbing a friend to death at the stabber's wedding reception. the reception was drawing to a close and the newlyweds wanted everyone to go home, so they could start the honeymoon (wink wink). a friend was kind of drunk, and insisted on sticking around for a few more drinks. an argument ensued, and the groom stabbed hid friend to death because he would not go home. he has been held in jail since the night of his wedding, and will be remanded directly to state prison. there are no conjugal visits in louisiana.

I think all the 'darwin awards' stories actually originate in this area. the locations are randomly changed to enhance credibility.

Trixie got into town saturday, so i probably won't have too much to carp about for a few days.

In new orleans, the key word is "go-cup". you walk into a bar, or a restaurant, or even a gift-shop (if you're in the quarter), and ask for a drink in a go-cup. then you take your drink outside and walk around with it. it's perfectly legal to walk down the street drinking. ponder the significance of this. the entire city of new orleans is a huge indoor/outdoor cocktail lounge with no cover charge!

Equally interesting, but slightly more disturbing- open-container laws are strictly NOT enforced here. for gallstone subscribers abroad, it means this: it's "illegal" to drive with a drink in your hand, but the police do not care. consequently there is much drinking & driving. i'll try to find out what the higway mortality rate is, compared to places where you can't drink & drive.

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