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Oct 06 1999

I'm finally in New Orleans, started my residency last week. I like it. I did a 1950-mile trip in 2 days to get here. Fuck I'm manly. So no roadtrip pics this time, except for some new roadkill. Texas, from 6am to noon, is the world's roadkill photography paradise. Try it!

quick observations on New Orleans-
everyone eats too much
everyone smokes
everyone drinks
everyone says hi to everyone else
driving is just like in tijuana
road maps & directions mean nothing
bars serve booze 24/7
people drink in their cars
nobody's in a hurry, but they don't mind if you are
nobody cares what color you are
nobody cares about much of anything

i have found heaven. please come visit me. on to the bile...

i'm tired of vegetarians. their incessant blather about being ovolacto, or vegan, or non-mammal-eaters... like sects of Christianity.
their typical democrat/hippie/new-ager sense of superiority. that subtle condescension. "I don't EAT meat..."
Fuck you, grazer. I don't EAT lentils. they taste like stale dirt. beef tastes like food.
i have an important message for vegetarians- you are weak. when times are tough, you will be weeded out quickly. then, quite possibly, you will become meals for those of us who don't scoff at a nice piece of protein.

ask any anthropologist- what was the turning point in the evolution of human intelligence? i mean, our bodies aren't suited to any one particular task. we evolved out of the savanna because of our minds, not our keen eyesight or powerful talons. when did we really make the leap into intelligent behavior?
was it when we picked a berry and ate it? not exactly. pigeons can pick berries and eat them. they're still pigeons.
was it when we started planting crops? no. that was moderately important, but it came after the thing i'm talking about...

human intelligence took shape when we worked together in small groups, to KILL THINGS AND EAT THEM.

suddenly, five people could harvest food for fifty. we learned to communicate so that we could kill animals and eat them. our communication skills are what propelled us above your average mammal. our intellect developed rapidly once we began using our voices and telling stories.

what did we talk and tell stories about? do you see any crop diagrams in ancient cave paintings? fuck no. you see three guys stabbing a buffalo.

the calorically dense, high-protein diet of the hunter manifested itself in aggressive, directed behavior. meat is better, so let's work harder to get more meat. thus was spawned a peculiar class of human- the hunter. the aggressor. the doer. the distinction remains to this day, between the hunters and the agrarians. watching plants grow is a passive process, and in parallel, vegetarians are passively watching their lives go by. recently they invented popularity for themselves, so at least they can piss their lives away with some smugness.
hunting, killing, meat-eating, is an active, vigorous activity. it's not for the weak. it's for the aggressors, the explorers, the fearless.
the animals at the top of the food chain. that's us.

lewis & clark were not vegetarians.
eiffel tower? empire state bldg? interstate freeways? the chunnel? NOT built by vegetarians.
no vegetarian has set foot on the moon, or broken the sound barrier, or probably even peeled out in the parking lot.
no vegetarian has ever served as president.

the vegetarian is a weak, effete being whose own inherent weakness will be his undoing. i would be glad to see them march off into the hills to gather seeds, while i remain in the city built by carnivores.

i could go on, with more science to back me up, but i think i've made my point.
eat meat- change the world
eat salad- watch the world change.

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