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July 19, 1999

JFK Jr. is gone. And a Kennedy cockup has cost the lives of a few more pretty women. Sad day.

Sick joke time- his Uncle Ted can't drive, and his cousin couldn't even operate a pair of skis! Who gave John-John a PILOT license?

More about aviation- went to an air show this weekend. Walked in & around a B-52. 180-foot wingspan, friends. Been flying since 1961. Most 1961 CARS are long off the road, but these big things just get up in the morning and fly. They can take an 80,000 lb payload up to 50,000 feet. It really gave me a great feeling, to be next to such an icon of human achievement. Words cannot describe the spectacle of seeing something as large as a B52 sweep down the runway and actually FLY. Imagine a 3-story apartment building taking off.

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Apollo's moon landing. Talk about human achievement. The Saturn was over 300 feet tall, and weighed over SIX MILLION POUNDS. It is still the largest human creation ever to fly. Not only did it fly, it went to the fucking moon. Or so they say... the anniversary will undoubtedly uncover more paranoids decrying the entire Apollo mission as a sham. I love conspiracies.


Got a new dumb-guy. He emailed some questions about an IBM monitor. You know, the one I destroyed in the Tech Repair Section of the website?


Long story short, the articles are painfully obvious attempts @ humor. But i knew eventually would come this...

>Hi there ..
> I saw your web page and I want to tell you that I also have a IBM monitor
>My big problem is I am trying to fix it because I want to connect it on my
>old computer which is a P166+ .
>I want to ask you If you have any electronic diagram of the circuit.
>It is a big trouble.

I just mailed back the url of me holding a pistol up to the monitor. Then comes this...

>Do you actual sell this monitor ?

So I write back-

"I do not sell the monitor. the technical advice on my website is a JOKE. if you read it, you will see that each piece of equipment is DESTROYED during the repair."

ok, no more possible room for confusion, right? wrong, boyo...

>I gonna put this straight..
>I am only interesting for is the cathode tube of the monitor.
>Wich is a Panasonic 59x6614 . That's what I am interesting for.
>The damage final is the tube. It have a small crack.

Any suggestions for the next course of action would be most appreciated. The guy apparently is in Greece, otherwise I could just invite myself over and shoot holes in HIS monitor as well. I just love a good dummy.

That's all for now.

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