Gallstone #13

June 26, 1999

hey, kids, long time no gallstones. my legacy of bitterness has been on the wane, for two important reasons-

I graduated June 6th. I'm a real doctor now. Vicodin for all my friends!
I got married June 11th. I'm a real mister now!

and some not-as-earth-shattering reasons...
my website is moving to shortly...
I'm also about to buy a 1964 Lincoln Continental. truly, one of my dream cars. mine, MINE, ALL MINE!!!

So, not much to be pissed off about lately. But it's all coming back to me... within a few days something is *bound* to stick in my craw and voila! a new gallstone! Thanks for your patience...
I'll be at the mojave phone booth with eccentric oddball godfrey daniels July 1 and 2. I command you all to call.
the number of the booth: (760.733.9969)

CALL CALL CALL! I know you're out there...
we'll be again fielding calls from all over the planet, and again trying to take some aerial photos with a model rocket. CALL!

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