What EEEZ eet, man?

I recently broke into a steel cabinet in my garage. I've lived here 6 years, and no one in the building knew anything about the cabinet, so I smashed the lock and took a look inside. (It's okay- I had my attorney with me). The newest dated item was from 1988.  Among other things, I found this curious bottle- from

"Charles Jacquin Et Cie, Phila., Pa.- America's Oldest Cordial Producers"

mystery jug!

The one-quart bottle, kind of I-dream-of-Jeannie shaped, is divided into four separate chambers, with four little corks in the top. There were four different liquers in the bottle! Kind of cool...
(I didn't think to get a photo before I emptied it and refilled it with spices.)
  • Creme de Menthe (60 Proof, Certified Color Added)
  • Blackberry Flavored Brandy (70 Proof, Color Derived From Blackberries and Other Fruits)
  • Creme de Cacao (54 Proof, Caramel Added), and the seductive
  • Forbidden Fruit (Only Further Info is 54 Proof)
I'm seriously intrigued. Has anyone seen one of these before? I was really ready to light into the booze, until I noticed a black powdery sediment in each chamber. Shit. Luckily, there was a cheap bottle of Amaretto that was still OK to snort.