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I am referring directly to you, the reader of this text, as the person or persons who should NOT under ANY circumstances attempt to answer the questions below. They don't "answer" any more. You will be wasting your time.

22 Oct 2000
Obligatory Prediction of Election Outcome:

Or, do a little write-in jobbie-

09 Sept 2000
Name yer POISON!

Or write in your drink of choice-

06 June 2000

19 May 2000

Or charm me with your own write-in response:

06 April 2000
Bolt-Action Mil Surplus?

Or write in your favorite weapon:

10 Nov 1999
How did you GET this job?

Insert snippy extraneous comment here:

Waffle cone, sugar cone, or cup?

And I took write-ins for favorite flavor:

Who would you rather sleep with?

This one only stayed up about 36 hrs.

The overwhelming winner was mothra.

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