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Above: Boda Borg Boston; Tom Sachs Exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

2016 items of note: Finally the weblog generator program is spitting out text.




















I was out walking today and I saw a fast-food drinking cup on the top of a car. I pointed at it, and the driver of the car opened his door and retrieved it. "Thank you," he said.

But I didn't know he was in the car. I have this habit of pointing at things that are novel, interesting, or out-of-sorts when I'm out and about. Why is pointing rude again? Would you rather I said something?








Trader Joe's started pushing actual pumpkin pies last week, as an ancillary product to their 1,723 other pumpkin products. I brought one up to the cashier, and he made noises about how good the pumpkin pie is and I made similar noises and then he made noises about cutting in half and having one half each day which is what I did last time but I changed my policy because that's too much pumpkin pie and so I made noises about going down to 1/4th pie each day and then he saw my small package of dark chocolate peanut butter cups and I think this threw him for a bit and I had to concur with his take on the whole thing because usually I don't get two snacks at the same time because I will inhale them but I was treating myself after being a good dog and no one is going to take that away from me not implying here that the cashier was trying to do that I'm just saying everyone back off I'm eating these and there's nothing you can do about it. You sucks.


For Halloween I went as an old school skateboarder who hasn't ridden a board in six years. In reality, I haven't ridden a board in six years. Got a new one, a short cruiser type, ostensibly because I was going to use it to do errands. Tried that today, didn't seem as practical as a push bike might. A push bike with a nice long flat platform for putting groceries, for example. I'll post photos of my boards later and you can silently judge me. That will be your Halloween costume.




Level 11 of Space Program Indoctrination, clearly. This is Urban Ore, just one of the many unsorted hardware sections. When I visit these days I take a few minutes half-consciously sorting bins while I'm looking for stuff. We can do it!


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Right, the election. I was going to put up a whole bunch of charts and graphs that have already explained in years past how the decision to elect a Republican to help with the economy is historically a poor one. And how about Mr. Trump has indicated through a wide array of previous, well-documented past dealings that he is a poor businessman. And I was going to talk about how the jobs that all the white people want Mr. Trump to bring back are gone forever, and how health care/government services are used more by people in red states than blue states, so really a lot of people that voted for Trump have shit their own beds in several different dynamic ways. Also how Republican voting is flat, Democratic voting has been on a decline for awhile, let's get instant run-off going, let's get rid of the electoral college, blah, bloo, blah. But then I saw those articles that indicated fake news was big excitement with Trump voters so what's the point of saying anything any more if the people who know already know and the people that don't know are lapping up fake news, not that anyone actually looks at this site any more except seventeen of my friends. Seven? Okay, like three friends. No, what concerns me are the various links and whatnot that have actual quotes/potential day-one policies from the president-elect that lean hard into fascism. The whole world got to do all of that already and it was a horror show, surprise. The thing that gives me hope is to see people/groups from all corners screaming about this and taking action and making sure people are safe, before this thing gets any traction. I'm doing what I can which isn't much. Donations right now, at the very least, to organizations that have been fighting this sort of awfulness for decades now.



Richard Galanti, the chief financial officer of Costco Warehouse Giant Cart Palletland, said that Costco had an Amazon Go auto-payment grocery system in place twenty years ago. "A member would walk in, get an RF gun, radio frequency device, walk around, scan their own items, come up to the front, hand that thing to the cashier, and the scanner, and they print out a receipt."

Twenty years ago ... 1996. Even farther back, here's the beginning of a Life Magazine article from January 3rd, 1949.

Keedoozle was ahead of its time and kept breaking down ... it eventually failed.


This is for Import/Export car sales from the La Puerta warehouse, which is available for purchase for $2,735,000 if you are a CEO. This warehouse works well with the Maze Bank West CEO office (it is the cheapest as well).

If you are in a session without any opposing players, all vehicle sales will be interrupted by four waves of NPC enemies, each consisting of two cars with two NPCs each. These NPCs have ridiculously precise aiming/firing capability and it's easy to get cut to ribbons rather quickly.

After you've selected a "Specialist Dealer" sale (which has the largest payout) and completed the mods (my M.O. is usually full-bore ugly), always exit the building to the right (even if the GPS indicates otherwise), so you're heading north along Dutch London Street.

You'll want to drive as fast as possible to get to your shootin' stop ... cut up on the grass on the right-hand side of the LST light rail line just shy of the Puerto Del Sol station.

Park close to the wall where I've indicated, but give yourself room to get out. While you're doing this, your first two enemy NPC cars will materialize. You may get some plinking depending on how fast you are ‒ stick with the program, get that car safely parked behind that wall.

Once you get out of the car and start running northeast, you'll notice an odd thing -- the NPCs do not get out of their cars ... and start hightailing it North. They'll hook around the gas station onto Innocence Boulevard, coming back your way. While they're doing this, you should move over to the retaining wall that hugs that street and stop on the second/third step of the short flight of stairs that leads to the street. Hug the wall because the NPCs will again drive past you, and park in the crook of Innocence Boulevard as it veers east.

Note: Sometimes the NPCs will actually get out of their cars on Dutch London Street, or even park near your car. This is most likely because you haven't driven far enough north on the grass, or you didn't make it to the stairs. It's all about elevating the car and yourself to where the NPCs are triggered to find the closest higher ground while they're still in their cars, following the roads like good little algorithms.

Once they've passed, get out your advanced rifle and slowly back your way up the stairs while pointing directly at the NPCs. At some point with your head just poking over the edge of the low part of the retaining wall, you will be able to fire on them but their bullets will still hit the wall. Now who's the aimbot. Now who.

If you're taking damage, you've most likely gone too far up the stairs. It's a fine line, you'll have to dial it in; it works 90% of the time. After you've dispatched most of them, sometimes there will be one driver left who has lost the plot and just sort of drives aimlessly into things in that area. It's a bit sad.

Once you've cleared out a wave, go back down to the second/third step again. Three more waves and you emerge victorious, without turning into Swiss cheese.

For some reason the heavy sniper rifle and marksman rifle are bugged a bit when trying to use this method while on the stairs. The scope view will flicker with the normal view during firing, making it almost impossible to use. Test it, perhaps it will work in your case and make the process even easier.

For more instructional guides please visit: